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5 Ways I Make Time for a Side-Hustle

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I decided last year that I needed a side-hustle.  A way to bring in some extra money, but mostly something I do for myself.  Something I can be successful at, and that will give me some fulfillment outside of my MOMness.

After some searching, I chose direct sales with an essential oils company.  I first fell in love with the oils themselves, as I was researching natural solutions to our family’s health and emotional needs.  Then I fell in love with the company.  All that natural wellness, AND a company that consistently goes out of its way to do good things for the communities they work with, while producing the purest essential oils.

It fits right in with my desire to eliminate toxins from our lives, to do good and take care of people, and to create a successful business for myself with a company I believe in.  Join my Facebook group to learn more about the essential oils I use and recommend!

I am now adding a website and blog to my side-hustle, as its own stream of income, and am looking at a couple of other ideas in the near future.

I’m Already Busy

I have five kids at home, lots of intense needs among the group, and all of the usual household management, plus we live out of town which requires hauling our own water, chopping firewood, and lots of hours on the road.  Oh, and we’re on a budget so I try to do a lot of cooking from scratch 🙂

There are a lot of demands on my time and attention.  So how in the world do I have time to run a business too?

There are plenty of blog posts out there about this subject, and in my experience, they all revolve around three basic approaches

  • Ignore everything else and just do your side-hustle. You can hire a housecleaner when you get rich.
  • Squeeze in tiny snippets of work time around your regular tasks.  You can get rich when the kids move out.
  • Make time out of thin air. If you want it badly enough, you’ll manage it.

None of these works as a complete approach, in my opinion.  You need a mix of things that work right now in your life.  I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl, but that doesn’t really work in this season of my life.

Five Strategies I Use for Making Time

So here are 5 of the ways I make time to start a business while still rocking the busy mom of a large family thing 😉

  1. PRIORITIZE.  Right now, I am focused on creating a strong foundation for my business, knowing that it’s a long game.  I am sad about never having time for sewing or fun projects or reading for pleasure.  But if I don’t prioritize my business, it won’t happen.
  2. LET GO.  Ignore things that aren’t important right now.  And give yourself a break about it.  The house doesn’t have to be super clean all the time.  Dinners don’t have to be gorgeous and homemade all the time.
  3. DELEGATE.  My kids are old enough to help with the cleaning and cooking.  Frankly, they should be doing these things anyway.  I grocery shop and menu plan accordingly.  They can do their own laundry.  Perhaps they can even help with some of my work tasks.
  4. AUTOMATE.  Whether you do most of your business on social media (like I do) or not, there are a myriad of apps and programs available to automate a lot of your tedious work tasks.  Many are free.  Use them.  Delegate or automate any task that doesn’t need your face.
  5. FOCUS HARD DURING WORK TIME.  As much as possible, try to be super-focused when you are working.  Experiment with time blocking, noise cancelling headphones, using the power-hour concept.  Turn off Facebook notifications.  Use the Do Not Disturb function on your phone.

Hope this helps somebody be more successful!  Since eliminating some distractions and working toward being more focused in the last few months, I am seeing exciting growth in my business that just wasn’t there when I was trying to do everything.

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