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After the Snow-pocalypse: Slide-offs, Neighbors and Emergency Exits.

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The Snow-Pocalypse

Recently we experienced a bit of a Snow-pocalypse where we live.  Oh alright, it wasn’t really a ‘pocalypse…but it sure felt like it.  Haven’t had much snow yet this winter, and then over five days we got three feet.  That’s right, three feet of heavy, sticky, good-for-building-snowmen, really-bad-for-driving-in snow.  The school districts in the area called snow day after snow day.  It seemed like the kids were never going to go back to school.  (We all had mixed feelings about that idea.)

We were snowed in for what seemed like FOREVER.  Poor Hubby had been snowblowing for days.  Despite his efforts, our long driveway was still too full of deep, soft snow to actually drive in.  Had to take an extra day off work just to get the van to the gate.

Stuck in the Snow

Finally the storms passed, the school buses were running, and we’d spent the last 7 days calling in to work, cancelling appointments and breathing each other’s air.  It was time to get out.  So we got up early, fortified ourselves with coffee and hot oatmeal, and sent the schoolkids down to the gate to wait for the cheesewagon.  Meanwhile the rest of us put on our mittens and hats and prepared to brave the 20 or so miles to town.

It seemed the bus was never going to come, so we piled all the now-frozen kids into the van and set off down the semi-plowed road at a nice steady 5 mph.  After a moment, we saw a truck coming up the road, so we scootched over just a little….and got sucked down into the ditch full of snow.  We were stuck.  Snow-up-to-the-windows stuck.  And leaning heavily to the right.  Hubby swore, the kids started to panic, and we watched the school bus woosh right on by.

Three feet of snow over four days.
Snow Up to the Windows

We couldn’t get ourselves out, so we called AAA.  After several wasted minutes, they told us they’re not coming because we slid off a dirt road.  I was just about to start walking the kids to school, when we saw the school bus coming back down the road.  They’d come back! OK Kids, everybody out!

Only the door was jammed into a wall of snow and couldn’t be opened.  OK Kids, everybody climb over the seats and go out the back emergency door!  Winter coats, full backpacks, teens and preteens climbed over three rows of headrests to clambor out.  Thank you Mary the bus driver!!

Neighbors to the Rescue

As we were discussing our limited options, a neighbor came by and offered to try to pull us out.  Her vehicle was about half the size of ours, but she had a tow chain and was not stuck in the snowbank.  Worth a try, and thank you neighbor 🙂

Neighbors to the Rescue!
Stuck, Stuck, Stuck.

After several attempts, two things were very clear.  Her vehicle wasn’t strong enough to pull our 12 passenger van out; and when we did get out of this mess, we would need to drive straight to the tire store because we just shredded a very expensive tire trying to spin our way out of the snow. 🙁

Time to call in the heavy  hitters.  Everyone needs a Neighbor with a Backhoe!  He was spending his January pulling everybody and their brother out of the snow….once it was our turn, he had us clear in no time.  Then he came to our house, smoothed out that long driveway, and pulled both of our other cars out of the snow, where they’d been stuck for a WEEK.  Thank you neighbor 🙂

We did, indeed, drive straight to the tire store, having gotten there on a shredded back tire and a prayer.  $350 later, it was time to drive the 20 miles back home to meet the school bus and button things up for the evening with our hot chocolate and wood stove.

Winter!  Ugh!  Hurry up, Spring!

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