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Essential Oils for Flavorful Baking

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Essential Oils in the Kitchen?

What’s your favorite muffin?  Your favorite pure essential oil?  Have you ever tried putting them together?

I’ve always loved baking.  I frequently make homemade baked goods for the kids, and several of them have gotten pretty good at it themselves.  For budget and health reasons, we try to make as much as we can from scratch, using plain pure ingredients without fillers or petrochemicals.

Since discovering pure essential oils that I absolutely love, we have been experimenting with adding them to our baked goods, among other things.  The mini muffins above were made by my mom.  Mini Blueberry Muffins with Lemon Essential Oil, and Mini Chocolate Muffins with Wild Orange Essential Oil.  Both gluten-free 🙂  They were delicious!  We served them at an essential oils class with about ten women, and they were a huge hit.  My kids came along after the class and gobbled up what was left.

My kids love to use essential oils in the kitchen!
Homemade Apple Pie with Clove and Cinnamon Oil

Some of my kids love to bake from scratch as well.  This homemade whole wheat apple pie was made by my 10 year old son (with a little help from me).  It’s not baked yet in this picture, but isn’t it beautiful?  Homemade pies are not difficult!  And they’re especially delicious when you add a drop of cinnamon or clove essential oil.

Homemade and Healthy

Last but not least, I wanted to share these Sunday Morning beauties 🙂  My kids and  hubby go nuts for homemade cinnamon rolls.  They do take a bit longer to make, so I don’t make them often.  But when I do….they don’t last long! I made the typical brown sugar, cinnamon and butter filling.  But I used lemon essential oil in the icing on top.

The icing, of course, soaked in to the cinnamon rolls and gave the whole thing a hint of lemon that prompted everyone to gush and moan about how good they were 🙂  Needless to say, there were no leftovers.

Have you ever used pure essential oils in your baking?  Let me be very clear – I do NOT recommend using essential oils of any grade except pure therapeutic grade.  Use oils you absolutely trust to be pure, with no fillers or synthetic components.  Those would not be for ingesting.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Lemon Essential Oil Icing
Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Pure Essential Oils

The oils I use, however, undergo several rigorous tests throughout the process, from growing to distilling to bottling, and I trust them enough to take them internally as health support, and to use them in my kitchen as flavor enhancements.  I don’t trust any other company’s oils.

To learn more about the pure essential oils I use and recommend, come hang out with me on Facebook at Crazy Quilt Essential Oils 🙂  I post lots of education, tips, recipes and more.  Would love to see you there!

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