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Boost your Immune System with doTERRA’s On Guard Protective Blend

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How’s your Immune System functioning?

Do you get every cold that comes around?  Does it hit you harder than you think it should?  Are you wiped out for days?  It doesn’t have to be like this!  You can strengthen your immune system so you don’t have to be afraid of every runny nose you see, and if you do catch something, you can fight it off more quickly!

In fact, there are several natural ways to do this – from herbs to mindfulness to relaxing baths to what you eat for dinner.  But in this post I want to talk about a specific essential oil blend from doTERRA Essential Oils.

On Guard Protective Blend

doTERRA Essential Oils are known worldwide for their purity and effectiveness.  The testing doTERRA puts its oils through is rigorous and unmatched by other essential oil companies.

doTERRA’s proprietary Protective Blend, called On Guard, is comprised of five different essential oils, all well known for their cleansing properties and positive effects on the immune system.

Wild Orange Peel: Wild Orange essential oil is found in the peel of the fruit.  It’s what makes your hands smell like oranges after you’ve held one.  Imagine all that fresh, cleansing goodness distilled into very powerful, concentrated  drops of oil.

Wild Orange oil is often used for mood lifting, but it also has cleansing and purifying properties.  It provides antoxidants, and helps fight against seasonal threats.

Clove Bud: Clove essential oil is known for its ability to cleanse and protect teeth and gums.   Clove can be used in toothpaste, mouthwash, and as a gargle for a soothing effect.   When taken internally, it also has powerful antioxidant properties, and supports cardiovascular health.*  Clove oil can also be used to flavor food, and as a warming massage (dilute with a carrier oil first).

Cinnamon Bark/Leaf: Cinnamon essential oil is commonly used to flavor foods, toothpastes, and beverages.  Cinnamon oil contains strong cleansing and immune support properties.  When taken internally, Cinnamon essential oil can help support healthy metabolic function, and a strong immune system.*

Eucalyptus Leaf: Eucalyptus essential oil has purifying cleansing properties that are beneficial for skin, surfaces and air.  It also helps to promote feelings of open airways and clear breathing.  Eucalyptus can also help clear the mind, release tension and promote feelings of relaxation.

Rosemary Leaf/Flower: Rosemary essential oil, long used to flavor meats and stews, is very powerful and beneficial to the body as well.  It supports healthy digestion, healthy respiratory function, and internal organ function.  Taken internally, it can help to reduce feelings of fatigue and tension.*

Our Favorite Ways to Use On Guard

Most often, our family uses On Guard topically, along with Tea Tree (Melaleuca) and Oregano in a roller bottle.  If you have small children or sensitive skin you’ll want to dilute this recipe further.  This blend can also be diffused.  I like to run a diffuser in my children’s bedrooms when they’re fighting off seasonal illnesses.  I sometimes add Lemon essential oil, if they need additional help breathing clearly.

Immune Booster Roller Bottle – 10 drops On Guard Protective Blend, 10 drops Oregano, 10 drops Tea Tree (Melaleuca). Fill with carrier oil.  Roll on wrists or bottoms of feet twice daily to support immune system; every 30 minutes while awake, when fighting a sickness.

On Guard Toothpaste – This toothpaste is amazing!  I love it, my kids love it.   Perfect checkups!  😀

On Guard Mouthwash – Alcohol-free and great tasting. Keep your mouth clean!

Kids Stronger Blend Roller – Contains On Guard Protective Blend plus other oils that is especially formulated to keep our kids’ immune systems strong.

Check out the entire Kids Rollers Line: doTERRA Kids Oil Collection

More Ways to Use On Guard

DIY doTERRA On Guard Hand Cleansing Spray (Check out doTERRA’s NEW On Guard Sanitizing Spray – done for you!)

DIY doTERRA On Guard Hand Cleansing Gel

On Guard Pumpkin Smoothie

On Guard Pancakes

Diffuser Blends

3 drops On Guard Protective Blend + 2 drops Lemon

3 drops On Guard Protective Blend + 3 drops Citrus Bliss

3 drops Clove + 3 drops Cinnamon + 1 drop On Guard Protective Blend + 2 drops Wild Orange

3 drops On Guard Protective Blend + 2 drops Lemon + 2 drops Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

  1. Buy Wholesale – The best way to buy doTERRA oils is always with your own doTERRA wholesale account.  25% discount on everything you buy, all year.  Place an order whenever you want, choose your own shipping option, and control when your orders ship.
  2. Loyalty Rewards Program – In fact, buying a few oils every month with your Loyalty Rewards order is even better – you’ll be earning points toward future freebies!  And you can qualify for the free Product of the Month – another freebie!
  3. Monthly Sales and Buy One Get One Free – Every month, doTERRA offers a discount on the price of one item, either an oil, or a personal care supplement or product.  These sales are good all month.  And Buy One Get One Free sales need no explanation – free oils are ALWAYS a great idea! 🙂

Have questions?  Contact Me – I’d love to help you get the best oils at the best price, and learn how to use them!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Use caution when taking essential oils internally – only ingest Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils from doTERRA.

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