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Do You Want to be a Blogger?

Do you like to write or tell stories?  Spinning the day’s events into hilarious tales of woe?  Encouraging other folks walking a similar path to yours?  Seriously, do you feel like you have a lot to say?   (I apparently do.)

Do your friends and family say you should write a blog, but don’t know how to get started??  (Me too.)

Well, that WAS me, until a few months ago.  Now my beautiful blog has been live for a few weeks, I’m cross-promoting my posts on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, and I’m getting traffic from those sites.  People are reading my blog because Google and Bing are returning MY posts when they search!  I know how to maintain my blog, how to update and change whatever I want, and how to maximize SEO so the search engines can make sure people see what I’ve written.

What’s Stopping You?

I’ll tell you what was stopping me.  I knew enough to realize how much I *didn’t* know about setting up, maintaining and writing a blog.  It was overwhelming, all the little technical things I didn’t know.  And SEO?  Whatever.  I had no idea what that was.  Widgits?  Sound like Gremlins to me.  Wordpress?  Self-Hosting? No idea.  There was just too much behind-the-scenes stuff preventing me from the part I wanted to do, which was write.  And grow a following.  And be awesome.

I’m a pull-myself-up-by-my-own-bootstraps kind of girl, and I’m confident in my ability to learn just about anything.  So I knew I *could* figure it all out on my own, step by step.  But you know what?  I realized it would take forever.  No, longer than that.  And you know why? Not because I’m not smart enough, or because I don’t work hard enough.

It was because I still hadn’t started.  I’ve been talking about blogging for YEARS.  Researching, coveting,  reading other people’s blogs about how I really ought to be blogging.  Dreaming of all the clever things I’d write, and all the followers I’d have.

But I hadn’t even started.  Why?  Overwhelmed.  Life in the way.  Plug-ins and sub menus just never made it to the top of the priority list.  So I kept on doing nothing.

Sassy Suite’s Blogging Boot Camp

After years of stalling out, Sassy Suite’s Blogging Boot Camp is what finally made me into a real live actual blogger.  Brenda Ster really knows her stuff, and has the best staff and the best approach to teaching.  Her style of teaching is very clear and easy to follow.  She teaches you everything you need to know, broken down into easy bite-sized steps, and the team holds your hand the whole way.  And when you get to the end, you’re READY.

When you emerge from Bootcamp, you’ll have a fully functioning LIVE blog already loaded with content, atleast 50 ideas for future blog posts, and you’ll not only know how to maintain it, but you’ll know how to generate traffic by sharing and cross-promoting your blog on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Let Brenda Teach You How to Blog.

  • Very thorough – you will learn every little thing you need to.
  • Un-scari-fies everything, even Gremlins (I mean Widgits).
  • Very clear step-by-step video training so you are not only building your blog, but learning how to maintain it in the future.
  • Self-paced, so you can work as fast or slow as you want.
  • The videos are yours to access forever.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for support, encouragement and friendship.
  • Invitation to the premium group afterwards, for ongoing support and further learning.

    Sassy Suite’s Blogging Boot Camp makes it so easy, even a baby could start a blog 😉

I can vouch for Brenda Ster’s Sassy Suite Blogging Boot Camp 100%, because I just finished it.  I went live in February.  There were almost 100 of us in this round of Bootcamp, and not once did I feel lost in the crowd, or like the team was exasperated with my newbie questions.

And week after week, I’ve seen my fellow Bootcampers go live with the most gorgeous, personally-branded, fully functional blogs with amazing content right out of the gate.  Each one as different from the next as you can imagine, and each one beautiful and perfect.

And now we’re all busy adding more amazing content (more ideas than we can keep up with!), cross-promoting, and watching our traffic build.  Some of us are writing brand-specific blogs for our businesses, some of us are lifestyle bloggers, and some are a mix.  Some of us are monetizing our blogs, some aren’t.  Some of us feel so empowered now, we’re starting second blogs or helping our husbands start one 😉

And I feel like I have 100 new best friends, because We. Just. Did. This.  We’re real live bloggers now, and it wasn’t nearly as painful as we thought it would be 😉

Click to follow my affiliate link to the Sassy Suite!

Join Me in the Blogosphere!

Sassy Suite’s Blogging Boot Camp is held 3-4 times per year, and registration for the next round will be opening up soon.  There are three levels, depending on how much  help you need  (from complete newb to somebody revamping an existing blog).

I chose the middle level, and I’m so glad I did.  And if you get in early enough, you might just get a bonus training – all about maximizing your Pinterest traffic (amazing!)

Update:  Registration for the next 2018 BBC is open! 

Click here for my affiliate link: https://sassysuite.com/https://sassysuite.com/bbc6/ref/kristibleonard/

Registration will fill up fast.  Get in the know!  

Your roadmap to getting started:

  • Use my Sassy Suite Affiliate Link to get to know Brenda and reserve your spot in the next Boot Camp.  Hurry, so you’re sure to get a  spot!
  • While you’re waiting for Bootcamp to start, work on your Pinterest boards and check out the blogs of previous Boot Camp graduates.  Read, swoon, drool.  Determine to join them.
  • And let me know if I can answer any questions!  I can’t wait to see your blog! 🙂

PS: Check out the latest Blog Hop we #suitebloggers are doing…So many amazing blogs!

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