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What’s in My Diffusers?

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are gaining in popularity lately, and for good reason.  If you get the best, purest, therapeutic grade oils, they can be your first line of defense for illnesses, seasonal threats, supporting your body’s natural healing abilites, and more.

They can also provide amazing benefits emotionally, especially when used aromatically.  Diffusing is a great way to share the benefits of pure essential oils with everyone in the room!


There are plenty of diffusers on the market – all different styles and sizes.  It really doesn’t matter which one you choose, in my opinion, as long as you’re happy with its performance, and it does not heat the oils.  Heat can damage the therapeutic properties of your oils.

We have six diffusers in our house, one in each of the kids’ rooms, one in the kitchen table, and one in the living room.  That’s a lot of diffusers, I know!  But our house is two stories and each one covers about 300 square feet.

In the Boys’ Rooms

Both my boys have trouble calming and and/or sleeping.  One combination we use is doTERRA’s Serenity (Restful Blend) with Wild Orange.  That’s a great combination for me (ha) but I wasn’t sure it was helping the boys.  Cedarwood and Vetiver are also great oils to diffuser at bedtime.

So we’ve been trying doTERRA’s Breathe and Lemon together for those two bedrooms.  I have read that some kids, especially those who struggle with ADHD or Autism, may react opposite to most folks with some oils (just as stimulants like coffee sometimes calm their brains).

Particularly Lavender, which is the primary oil in the Serenity blend, and which often helps folks with sleep and relaxation.  Some kids become more energized with Lavender – not what we want at bedtime!

The article I read suggested those same kids might be calmed by Peppermint, or doTERRA’s Breathe blend, which combines Peppermint with several other oils.  So we’re trying it out.

In the Girls’ Rooms

My girls are all preteens and teens.  Most nights I diffuse Clary Sage (for hormone balancing) and Lemon or Wild Orange (for emotional uplifting).  I have witnessed my youngest transformed before my eyes with a topical application of Clary Sage.

And with all the eye rolling, tears over nothing, and dramatic exits we’ve been experiencing lately, I expect Clary Sage is going to be my BFF for quite some time 😉

In the Kitchen

The big farmhouse table in the kitchen is where we do our homework.  So I like to diffuse essential oils that will help the kids focus and concentrate.

I often combine Peppermint & Wild Orange, or Rosemary and Frankincense (both for memory, among other things).

If the kids come home from school upset or really wound up, I will diffuse doTERRA’s Balance blend instead, combined with Serenity if the day really needs rescuing.

In the Living Room

My work area is in a corner of the living room, so I often diffuse combinations that help ME concentrate, or that help me find courage and determination to do the business tasks I’m not fond of.

doTERRA’s Motivate blend is a fantastic one to start the day with.  I also like the Passion blend.  Both of those are part of doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy line, and are amazing.

When Someone’s Sick

When we’re fighting a sickness, I will change what’s in the diffusers to help with that.  I generally combine doTERRA’s On Guard protective blend, Oregano and Melaleuca (and sometimes Lemon if we’re battling a lot of mucus).

This combination of immune-boosting oils is our go-to whenever we come down with something.  We use it topically as well as aromatically, and we are usually back up and running in a day or two – much less time than everyone around us!

Seasonal Diffuser Blends

There are lots of fun seasonal blends you can diffuse.  Everything from making your house smell like a gingerbread cookie, to a tropical island, to spring flowers to pumpkin pie.

And the best part is, if you’re using doTERRA Essential Oils, you know you’re getting health and emotional benefits too because the oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  The highest standard in the industry!

Check out my business website to read more about doTERRA and the benefits of each oil.  I’d love to help you get 25% off with a wholesale  membership!

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