doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program

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doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program

Businesses love loyal customers.  And customers love freebies, perks and special deals!

In this post, I’ll explain doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (called the LRP for short) and help you see why setting up your monthly LRP order is really the best way to maximize your Wholesale Account with doTERRA.

First Things First – You Need a Wholesale Account

You can’t be a loyal customer until you ARE a customer, right?

Once you’re enrolled and have your own Wholesale Customer account, you enjoy 25% off everything you want to buy for a year. You can order anytime you want (no waiting for your consultant), and you can order as little or as much as you want.

No other obligations to sell, enroll others, or even buy regularly.  Just a nice fat discount on the purest oils and best natural wellness products around.

To enroll, go here:  Then while you’re waiting for your box of goodies to arrive, join my Oils Education group on Facebook and start learning!

Loyalty Rewards Program – What it IS

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a way for doTERRA to thank you for returning to order again.  doTERRA enjoys the absolute best customer retention rate in the direct sales industry – over 65% of customers return to buy again.  The LRP rewards are part of the reason why.

  • Dependable – a monthly order. already set up for you (and BY you!)
  • Flexible – set to ship on the date you choose.
  • Personalizable – YOU decide which products to order each  month
  • Customizable – you are free to change your order any time, as many times as you want
  • Economical – no requirement for large orders
  • Rewarding – LRP orders can be eligible for special freebies every month, as well as earning points to pay for future orders!
  • Cancellable – If you decide the LRP is not for you, just call Customer Service and cancel.

You are in complete control of your LRP order.  YOU choose the date, the products, the order size.

Funds a little tight this month?  Just order a small item (Lemon oil or Lip Balm, for example) to keep your existing points and reward percentage.

Need to push the date back a week?  No problem, just log in and edit your order.

Worried you won’t remember to go in and edit before it ships again?  Don’t stress.  doTERRA sends you an email a few days before your order is set to ship.  You can log in and either rearrange what’s in your cart, or even push the date forward a bit.  And you can always reach out to me personally –  I’ll walk you through the process as many times as you need, until you’re comfortable placing your own orders 🙂  I want you to be happy, not stressed out!

Loyalty Rewards Program – What it IS NOT

doTERRA’s LRP is not meant to stress you out.  It is not meant to trick you into purchases you didn’t want.  It is meant to reward you for loving doTERRA oils!

  • A Trick – LRP is not a trick to part you with your money and push products on you that you don’t want.
  • Out of Your Control – You are in complete control.
  • Rigid – You get to choose what to order each month. As much or as little as you want!
  • Locked In – You control the ship date, the items in your cart, the quantity, the ship address, and the payment method.  You can cancel at any time.
  • Difficult to Maintain – I’ll help you set it up, and make sure you’re comfortable making changes.  doTERRA will remind you when the date is getting close.  If you’re unhappy, you can call to make changes or to return.  It’s that easy!

Loyalty Rewards Program – What are the Rewards?

It’s a Loyalty Rewards Program, right?  So what are the Rewards?

  • Earn Points – Every product at doTERRA has a point value assigned to it.  You earn points based on what you buy.
  • Increase Percentage of Points Earned – Most people begin earning at 10%, and add another 5% every three months of consistent LRP ordering.  After a year, you’ll be earning 30% of your order back!!
  • Shipping Points – with every order, doTERRA reimburses your shipping costs via points in your account.
  • Pay with Points – after you begin accumulating points, you can use them to pay for your oils/products!  Free stuff!  (Points roll over, and are good for a year from the date they’re earned.)
  • Product of the Month – In the first half of each month, doTERRA offers a FREE product or oil for every LRP order that is 125 points or more.

Ready to Learn More about Loyalty Rewards?

Read here to learn how to set up your own LRP order.  Feel free to contact me with any questions!

How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

  1. Buy Wholesale – The best way to buy doTERRA oils is always with your own doTERRA wholesale account.  25% discount on everything you buy, all year.  Place an order whenever you want, choose your own shipping option, and control when your orders ship.
  2. Loyalty Rewards Program – In fact, buying a few oils every month with your Loyalty Rewards order is even better – you’ll be earning points toward future freebies!  And you can qualify for the free Product of the Month – another freebie!
  3. Monthly Sales and Buy One Get One Free – Every month, doTERRA offers a discount on the price of one item, either an oil, or a personal care supplement or product.  These sales are good all month.  And Buy One Get One Free sales need no explanation – free oils are ALWAYS a great idea! 🙂

Have questions?  Contact Me – I’d love to help you get the best oils at the best price, and learn how to use them!

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