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doTERRA’s LRP – How to Get Started

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What is doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program?

doTERRA offers its Wholesale Customers a chance to earn free oils and a chance to earn points with every order (points that can be used to pay for products later).  The benefits start as soon as you create your Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP), and continue as long as you continue to use it.

You are in complete control of your LRP orders – no surprises, no large order requirements, and totally customizable.  Read here to learn more.

Why You  Need an LRP Order

In a nutshell:  Benefits. Once you’re a Wholesale Customer with doTERRA, you can order two ways:

  • One-Time Order
    • 25% discount on anything you order
  • Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP)
    • 25% discount on anything you order
    • Earn points on your order (that can be used to pay for purchases later)
    • Eligible LRP orders get free products every month!

Obviously, the order that comes with REWARDS is better, right?

Take two minutes to watch this video from doTERRA:

How to Set Up Your LRP Order

  1. When you log in to your mydoterra.com account, there will be a pop-up box giving you options for ordering.
  2. I’d suggest reviewing the Why LRP? option first.
  3. Then click the button to Create a New LRP Template.
  4. Choose a ship date.  (I’d suggest a date before the 15th so you can take advantage of the free Product of the Month)
  5. Use the menus to add products to your cart.  (Or use the Quick Add to Cart search box.)
    1. Note:  Your LRP is NOT a WishList – if you leave these items in your cart, they will ship on the date you selected, and be charged to the card you will provide in a later step.
  6. Choose a shipping option (your shipping costs will be reimbursed to you via points)
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. That’s it!  You can log back in and edit this order as many times as you want between now and the ship date.  If you want, you can also choose Continue and Ship Now if you don’t want to wait.  Your order template will be copied to next month once it ships — be sure to come back and edit in a few weeks!

Watch this video for a detailed demonstration:

More Questions?

Join my oils education group on Facebook, or send me a message with your questions!  And stay tuned for a post with LRP Tips & Tricks!

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