My Solo Self-Care and Blogging Retreat – Part 1

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The Opportunity

This month my son is attending a week-long specialized summer camp.  It’s across the country from where we live.  And he can’t travel alone.  So after making extensive and complicated arrangements for the care of my other children, it has occurred to me that I will suddenly have almost an entire week to myself.  In a hotel.  With free breakfast.  And all the Wifi I could ever want.

In the last year, I have launched an essential oils business as well as a blog, and the accompanying social media presence for both.  That’s been a lot of work, and I’m not getting rich yet, but it’s ticking along nicely.  Problem is, now that it’s summertime and the kids are with me 24/7, I haven’t had much time to pursue either venture.  Heck, most days I can’t even think straight.

So I decided to take this gift of time to myself, and do some much-needed self-care, as well as spend chunks of laser-focused, power-hour time on my business and my blog.  I’ve begun brainstorming a list of resources to explore, value to create and tasks to complete.  I’m a list person, and I always overshoot, often spending my time twice.  With all that silence and lack of responsibilities (wait, what?), I expect to come home completely transformed both personally and professionally.

Or I may sleep for three days straight and watch tv the rest of the time.  Either way.

The Goals

My goals fall into two big categories, with a side order of tourism.  I’ve never been to Chicago, so I may hop the El and go see the sights with a new friend (her son will be at camp too).  FYI, I do plan to fall hard off the Keto wagon when we find the perfect deep-dish pizza joint.  It’s already worth it.

My business goals have everything to do with cleaning up bloggy loose ends, organizing and automating everything I can, and creating lots and lots of value for the lovely people who follow my blog and join my essential oils team.  I have huge end goals, y’all, and I need a plan to get there.  I also need to clone myself a few dozen times.

My self-care goals for the week include lots of sleep, showering every single day (!), being in charge of the tv controller, praying a lot, and not stress-eating.  Oh, and having a good hard cry.  As you Crazy Quilt Mamas know, we live a hard life, and there’s never a good time to let it out.  This is my chance, and I plan to take full advantage, snot and all.

(Notice, I did not say I wouldn’t worry about my kids, or call home several times a day to make sure everything’s ok.  And just in case the week at camp doesn’t pan out, I am working on a plan B.)

The Lead-Up

We fly out in a couple days.  So life is extra crazy right now.  So much stress, so much to do, so little sleep.  In addition to all the anxiety-ridden preparations for such a big week, it seems Murphy has moved in permanently and is Tasmanian-Devil-ing our entire life.  Helluva month.

Let’s hope, when I write Part 2 of this blog post toward the end of next week, the skies will have cleared and I’ll have wonderful things to report! 🙂

Meanwhile, if you’re a Crazy Quilt Mama like me, trying your hardest to make something beautiful out of life’s messes, please join me on Facebook.  Our group is dedicated to positivity and friendship – two things we mamas need in abundance!

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