My Solo Self-Care and Blogging Retreat – Part 2

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The Hope – Self-Care and Blogging

Remember last week when I wrote about my upcoming Solo Self-Care and Blogging Retreat ?  I had big plans, big to-do lists and big hope for the productivity of this time.   I had almost a week all to myself, in which to catch up on my Monster To Do List, brainstorm solutions for working more efficiently and basically solve all the world’s problems 😉  I was going to spend some time working on my essential oil business, my social media presence, my plan for the rest of the summer, and churn out two or three blog posts PER DAY.

Wondering how it went?  Read on.

The Reality (otherwise entitled, HAHAHAHA)

The reality is, I didn’t do much at all from that list.  Oh, I kinda sorta buckled down and spent one day ‘focusing’ on my oils business, and one day ‘focusing’ on my blog.  But those days weren’t very focused and I didn’t get much done.  I can now cross off a few time-saving items that had been nagging me, but it was definitely not the powerhouse work session I was hoping for.

I spent the majority of the time watching inane tv shows, eating junk food, worrying about my kids, and waiting for the week to end.  Yes, you read that right.  I was bored and twitchy and I wanted things to get back to normal.  Well, almost.  I am not an all-out fan of what our ‘normal’ is, but having my chicks scattered to the winds, and not being able to SEE for myself if they’re ok, did not sit well with me.  Read about that here, in the one blog post I did write, but didn’t publish, because I felt like I lost my mind for a minute and wasn’t sure broadcasting it was a good idea.

Plus I’ve developed a bad case of inability to sit still, since becoming Mom to these wildlings.  Heck, I can hardly even sleep in any more, and I used to be a marathon sleeper!  I found I had an enormously difficult time going to sleep almost every night while my crazy little flock was scattered.  Very little self-care happened, atleast not in the form of manicures or new hair colors.  (I did manage to take a shower most days. That counts, right?)

So. Not quite the week of pampering and workathon bliss I was imagining.

However, there were a couple of bright spots 🙂  I spent some time with new friends, fellow Crazy Quilt Mamas.  And they should know, that time and friendship was healing and nourishing to this tired mama’s soul, even if I am awkward and not very good at that whole friend thing 😉  I totally love you guys!!  (And yes, I know I just made that awkward, lol)

I did get some kind of rest, apparently, because I am feeling hopeful and willing to jump in with both feet now that I’m back.  I feel less drown-y.  Less smashed.  Less beaten down.

And ironically, the same kids who chew me up and spit me out on a daily basis, wouldn’t leave me alone all week.  They kept texting and calling me to talk about nothing.  Some of them even said they missed me.  And the hugs I got upon return (from my decidedly ANTI-HUGGING kids…are the stuff of legend.)

I’m thinkin’ that means something 😉

The Take-Away

So after a week of not being inundated with high-needs-kid responsibilities, I came away with a few conclusions:

  • I am now an expert in competitive cooking, and solving crimes.
  • I’m not missing anything by not having television.  My beloved HGTV is not what it once was.
  • Not all hotel breakfasts are created equal.
  • I am not as self-motivated as I thought.
  • Neither do I have the self-control I thought I had, when my eating habits are not being studied by impressionable small people.
  • Doing nothing productive for a week, might just be productive.
  • Maybe I’m doing ok at this Mama thing after all.
  • Maybe I just needed a break. 🙂

Join Me!

Are you a Crazy Quilt Mama too?  Just trying to stitch together something beautiful out of the scraps and messes life has handed you?  I’d love to have you join me over on Facebook at Crazy Quilt Mamas.  A group just for us – to encourage, lift up and provide friendship!

2 thoughts on “My Solo Self-Care and Blogging Retreat – Part 2

  1. Kristi I think you are a remarkable young woman and a fantastic writer! You must be an amazing mother to handle all that you do! Someday you will look back on this time and know how blessed you were and how much you blessed your kids! Because of you they will become whole, and God will fill in all the pieces they take from you.

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