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It’s That Time Again.  Back to School.

The backpacks are heavy with new binders and lined paper, the lunchbox is stuffed with applesauce and string cheese, the pencils are sharpened.  It’s time.

Maybe it’s time to gather everyone around the table in the dining-room-turned-homeschool-room, or maybe it’s time for the cheesewagon to carry the little wildlings away for 7 or 8 hours of silent bliss.  However your family does learning, you’ll need the support of doTERRA to help you transition and stay focused and healthy.

Natural Solutions and Support

If you’re anything like me, you prefer a natural solution, whenever possible.  One without synthetic ingredients. Without toxic chemicals.  Without weird chemical smells that make the inside of your nose burn.

doTERRA offers many natural solutions to support your family’s needs.  And our essential oils (which are the backbone of our other products, too) are the purest, most potent essential oils on the market.  Read more about that here.

doTERRA Oils and Products to Meet Your Needs

Below are a few blog posts I’ve gathered from around Crazy Quilt Mama that address some of the areas you’ll need support with during this Back 2 School transition time.  PS: It’s not just the kids who need support!

Immune Support with On Guard Essential Oil

  • You KNOW the kids are going to bring home every single germ that’s out there, starting the first day!  Protect them AND yourself so your family will have less sickness this winter.

Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit

  • Emotions run high, and bounce all over the place, atleast for us!  Be prepared with prediluted, handy roller bottles perfect to keep in purses and backpacks.  This kit contains one each of doTERRA’s proprietary emotional blends: Cheer, Motivate, Forgive, Console, Passion, and Peace.

Serenity & Balance – A Powerhouse Duo for Stress

  • We keep this pair around always.  Helps both Mama and kids.  It’s nice to diffuse at bedtime the night before a big test.

doTERRA’s PastTense (Tension) Blend

  • We get our fair share of headaches…this blend is amazing for taking care of any tension in the temples, neck, shoulders…

doTERRA’s DigestZen (Digestive) Blend

  • Kid snuck out a lunchbox full of gummy snacks and nothing else?  Schedule all wonky, and you end up with too much fast food? DigestZen to the rescue!  This blend works so fast, either topically or internally.

doTERRA’s Purify (Cleansing) Blend

  • This is for the stinky laundry after practice…or smelly shoes anytime.  (ahem)

doTERRA’s Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil

  • Melaleuca is amazing for bug bites (post-monsoon mosquitoes, anyone?), itchy rashy skin, and any kind of skin blemishes.  It’s also great for cleaning your house!

doTERRA’s Marjoram Essential Oil for Muscle Health

  • Sports practices can be pretty intense.  Those young athletes work hard.  Support their muscle health with Marjoram Essential Oil.  (And don’t forget about Deep Blue!!  It’s truly amazing, and nontoxic!)

And so much more!  Check here to see which doTERRA Oils and Products I’ve written about….and here for those I haven’t yet!

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