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Your doTERRA Business

So you’re thinking about building your own business with doTERRA.  That’s great!  doTERRA is an amazing company work with, and the income potential is fantastic.  Many people’s lives have been forever changed because they made that exact decision.

Before you jump into starting a doTERRA business, however, you need to make sure you:

  • Love & use doTERRA oils
  • Have a Wholesale Account (and it’s set as a Wellness Advocate – ask your enroller if you’re not sure)
  • Have atleast a basic understanding of how the Loyalty Rewards Program works, and you have yours set at 100PV+ (so you’re eligible for commissions).
  • Want to help people learn how essential oils will help them.

Got those?  Great!  Let’s talk about HOW you’ll build your business.  Not the practical details of enrolling or managing your back office (that will be in future blog posts).  But the overarching approach that best fits your life and your goals.

This is your own business, and you can run it any way you like, within the parameters of doTERRA’s Policies & Procedures.  That’s great news, because you can customize it according to your style of sharing.  What works for one builder won’t necessarily work for everyone else.

1. In-Home Classes

This is the traditional way network marketing business are built.  You ask your friend to host a class, she invites 5 or 10 friends, and you all meet at her house at a certain day and time.  Classes are usually held in the evenings or on weekends, for an hour or so.  You’ll get to know everybody, ask about their health goals.  You’ll teach a bit about doTERRA and offer ideas about which oils they might want to try.  Then you’ll pass a couple oil bottles around the room, making sure everyone has a positive oil experience, and answering questions.

Toward the end of your time together, you’ll explain about doTERRA’s wholesale membership system, and the best ways to get the most value out of their membership.  You’ll then help anyone who wants to enroll, filling out the paper form or enrolling directly online.

Time commitment: A few hours per week or more.  One to two hours per class, plus preparation and followup.

Effectiveness: Very.  People coming to a class are already somewhat invested.  They get to hear from a real person who uses the oils, experience the oils in real time, and have their questions answered immediately.  Many folks expect to spend money when they attend a class or party for a direct sales company.  Your followup will determine whether they are happy repeat customers.

2. Individual Conversations

Another way to have face-to-face conversations with people about enrolling, buying or using oils is to schedule individual meetings with them.  A “one-on-one”, a “coffee date”, an “individual class”.  This is another very effective way to grow your business.  Because you’re giving the person your undivided attention, it is easy to focus on their health goals and customize the conversation to what they want to know about.

In individual conversations, you may want to abbreviate the educational information, depending on the person’s interests and concerns. But you will, of course, want to briefly touch on the most important points, and definitely go over the enrollment options.  You can help them enroll on the spot, either with a paper form (you’ll input it into your back office later) or directly online.

Time commitment: A few hours per week or more.  One to two hours per meeting, plus preparation and followup.

Effectiveness: Very.  The person you’re meeting with is already interested.  They most likely have already decided to enroll or buy.  And you can tailor the entire conversation to their needs and concerns, which builds relationship and makes them think of you as their own personal expert, which you are.  Again, your followup will determine whether they are happy repeat customers.

3. Vendor Events

Vendor events are often on the weekends, and usually last several hours, sometimes a few days.  People don’t typically enroll while stopping at your booth, but it does happen.  Primarily, your goal is to meet new people, add them to your email/contact list, set up individual meetings and invite them to in-person classes you have coming up.  You are also trying to introduce the public to the doTERRA company, the oils themselves, and YOU as their local resource.

You will chat briefly with everyone who wanders by, offering to let them experience a drop of essential oils (Peppermint is a good one, especially if the day is hot).  You’ll ask if they’re familiar with doTERRA oils, and mention a few benefits.  You’ll want to take their lead on a brief conversation about any health concern they bring up.  You want to be personable and friendly, and not seem like you’re spouting a ‘canned’ sales pitch.  On the other hand, you do want to have a handful of one-sentence replies ready for common questions.  In an event scenario, you only have a few seconds to get and keep someone’s attention, so your every word counts (as do your mannerisms and facial expressions).

The contents of your booth or table will primarily point toward getting folks’ information (so you can follow up more individually later), and introducing them to doTERRA oils briefly.  You may also decide to have a drawing for free oils, or a few DIY products you’ve made with your doTERRA oils, or essential-oil related items, for sale at your booth.

Time commitment:  Several hours of preparation before the event, several hours (or days) at the event, and a couple hours afterward for cleanup.  More, if it’s a several-day event.  If you have effectively gathered information for your leads (interested people) there will be lots of time spent in following up with them (phone calls, texting, emails, individual meetings or classes).

Effectiveness:  This varies.  You’re not likely to have very many folks enroll with you during the event, but if you have collected their contact information and you diligently follow up with them and serve their needs individually, then Vendor Events can be a goldmine of new customers.  People attend vendor events expecting to spend money.  Not necessarily to change the way they handle their own health, though, so you might think of events as Step One in creating that relationship.

4. Social Media

For those (like myself) who really can’t commit their time and presence to classes or events, social media provides a way of growing your business.  You can work in small pockets of time, when it is convenient for you.  You can use any number of social media outlets to funnel people to your central place online, where you’ll develop relationships and then begin conversations about how you can help them meet their health goals with essential oils.

For me, that central place is my Crazy Quilt Essential Oils group on Facebook.  It’s where I provide lots of education and information to my existing customers as well as folks who are there to learn first.  Almost all of my other social media accounts/posts/links point to this group, because it’s where I want people to join.

The realm of social media can be enormous, and basically makes the whole world your warm market.  Great in some ways, but can easily be overwhelming.  You’ll want to start smallish (unless you’re already a social media whiz), and be focused.  Don’t get distracted by every shiny new platform, or by what others are doing.  You’ll get there; just pace yourself so your posts consistently offer value to your audience, and you are building a brand for yourself so people know where to come when they’re ready to enroll.

Classes can be held on Facebook, via live video (Zoom, FB Live, etc) or using a Webinar platform.  I use Synduit to prepare and post my class material, which I keep available on Facebook always.  That way, I have a ‘bank’ of classes I can direct folks to when they want to know more.  The blog you’re reading now, Crazy Quilt Mama, is another place I ‘bank’ information and resources for easy reference.  Especially questions I find myself answering over and over.  I’m better at writing than I am at conversing, so doing it this way allows me to create thorough, valuable content once, and then have it available to share anytime.

If you want more help and training on using social media for direct sales, please visit my Wellness Advocate Builder Resources page (coming very soon).

Time commitment: As much or as little as you want.  Personally, I try to work during every pocket of time I can find.  There are some weeks I work probably 30-40 hours total, and some weeks I don’t do much at all.  You can set your own schedule.  As with anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out.  You do, however, have to make sure you’re spending your time on valuable work, not getting sucked into Pinterest or your Facebook feed 🙂

Effectiveness: Building a doTERRA business solely via social media is difficult.  It’s a slow path.  You are creating content and waiting for someone to contact you.  Then you begin building the relationship, creating trust, serving their needs.  Then they might enroll with you.  It’s been done by some very successful doTERRA Wellness Advocates, and I personally know others who are building exclusively online.  But it is definitely a slower way.

Everyone’s on social media, though, so creating a presence there is a very smart way to supplement your in-person meetings and classes.

5. Casual Conversations

What if you can’t commit a lot of time per month for classes or events, but social media won’t work for you either?  You can still build a doTERRA business!  You just need to get a little bit creative, and be prepared.  Put together a bag with a few oil samples, a couple of Living magazines, and some enrollment sheets.  (The Class in a Box is an economical way to obtain all of these.  You can purchase one on your next LRP order.)  Carry these items with you wherever you go.

When you have a conversation with someone, mention that you are a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and offer a sample (or a drop of Wild Orange or Peppermint, whatever you have with you).  Chat about the benefits you’ve experienced with the oils, and show them one of the interesting articles in the Living magazine.  When they are ready to enroll, you’re prepared with a form.

This method of growing your business is less structured, but can be more relatable, since you’re just keeping an eye out for openings in the conversations you have every day anyway.  Just make sure the person is receptive to a conversation about oils; you don’t want to alienate all your friends and family 🙂

Time commitment: Less than the other methods.  You still have preparation, conversations and followup.

Effectiveness: I think this method is still quite effective, but it can be a slower way to build your business.  It’s more passive, although you do still have to be prepared to talk about doTERRA and essential oils at any time.  The more you know, the more naturally you can find ways to discuss oils with people.

6. Combination

In reality, you’ll probably end up doing a combination of all of the above methods.  I’ve done every single one.  Certain approaches are more workable for me at this season in my life.  Some, I’m using strategically to create a rich resource that I can refer people to for years to come.  Others I have tried but realized they do not fit how I like to educate or care for people.  Everybody’s different, and that’s what’s so great about having so many options.

How you build your business will not look like how someone else builds theirs.  The people you identify as your niche audience will not be the same as mine.  And that’s perfect!  One Wellness Advocate can’t serve everybody anyway.  So take some time, brainstorm some ideas and see what you come up with.  You can always tweak it later, as you learn more and as you grow as a Builder.

Time commitment: Totally up to you.  It will take some time to experiment and see which methods work best for you.  Try different things – you can always adjust as you go.

Effectiveness: Once you find the right combination of approaches that fits you AND the audience you connect best with, your effectiveness will be through the roof.  The speed at which you meet your goals and grow your business will only be determined by how much time you choose to put into it.

Relationship is Key

No matter which business building method appeals to you most, or which one you’re currently using, the key is to truly care about helping people.  Build relationships.  Ask how you can help them.  Care about their health goals.  Have them in mind when you study oils.  Follow up.  Build trust.  Create value.  Find your tribe and Love them hard.

And don’t give up.  Building a doTERRA business is a process, and most of us don’t get to Diamond right away!  It takes work and dedication and personal growth.  Every conversation or social media post is a seed you’re planting…hang in there for the harvest 🙂

Connect With Me!

My circumstances at this stage of life mean I do most of my business building via social media, email, texting, etc.  You’re more than welcome to check out what I do.  And if you’re thinking about building a doTERRA business for yourself, please send me a message so I can help answer your questions!

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