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doTERRA’s New Siberian Fir Essential Oil

Last week during Convention, doTERRA announced several new essential oils.  One of those was Siberian Fir.  The Siberian Fir is a very plentiful oil, coming from the twigs and branches of the tree.

How Does Siberian Fir Compare to Other Fir Essential Oils?

All of the Fir oils have similar characteristics, chemically, and therefore similar benefits.  But they are different.

White Fir and Douglas Fir have been offered by doTERRA for years.  As of now, White Fir is no longer available, because of sourcing issues.  It has become too difficult to procure at the quality that doTERRA requires.  (Douglas Fir is still available)

Siberian Fir has a more prominent chemistry (more potent chemical components) than White Fir (with the exception of Limonene, which is better obtained from citrus oils).  So if you were a fan of White Fir, you will love Siberian Fir, or a combination of Siberian Fir and Douglas Fir oils.

Benefits of Siberian Fir Essential Oil

Dr. David Hill stated that, “Research demonstrates that Siberian Fir can positively affect many body systems.”

  • Relaxation (direct calming and support of Central Nervous System)
  • Cardiovascular (including cholesterol support)
  • Cell Support
  • Cleansing
  • Metabolism
  • Respiratory
  • Tissue Support
  • Immune Support

Siberian Oil is the first of doTERRA’s Fir oils that can be taken internally.  This is important, not only for the direct benefits of using the oil that way, but also because much of the research and testing on oil benefits focus on internal use.

Using doTERRA Essential Oils Internally

Not all essential oils are created equal, and not all are safe for ingesting.  Siberian Fir is an oil that can be used internally, within safety parameters.  Please read here for more information.

Also, please do not ingest any essential oils you are not 100% sure of, with regards to quality and purity.  There are no labeling requirements for essential oils, which means the cheaper the price, the more fillers and synthetics may be in the bottle, and the lower the quality of the oil.  And none of that is required to be on the label.

doTERRA sets the industry standard for quality and testing with its CPTG certification.  And don’t forget to hop over to Source To You to see the test results of the doTERRA bottle you’re holding.

How to Purchase doTERRA’s New Siberian Fir Essential Oil

Ready to try Siberian Fir Essential Oil?  All of doTERRA’s new essential oils and blends will be available on October 2, 2017.  Head over to my website to make your purchase.  But before you do, consider reading a little about enrolling with a Wholesale Membership – why pay retail if you don’t have to?

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