Making the Most of doTERRA BOGO Sales

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doTERRA BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Sales

Every so often, doTERRA offers an amazing deal on its CPTG Essential Oils.  Buy One Get One sales last several days to a week, but are not advertised ahead of time, and are in fact kept secret until the morning of the first day.  There are, however, certain times of the year when doTERRA has typically offered BOGO sales.

Thanksgiving Week / Black Friday Week is one of those times.  🙂

BOGO sales are a great time to enroll with an extra great deal, try new oils, stock up on your favorites, and (if you’re building a doTERRA income) build your team volume.

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The BOGO Rules

doTERRA BOGO Sales typically work like this:

  • Each day of the sale, there is a specific pair of oils/products that are BOGO.  Only those items are part of the sale.
  • The BOGO is only good for one day.  The next day will be a different pair of oils/products.
  • There is usually a limit of 5 BOGOs per account per day.
  • Orders must be processed and shipped that day.  No saving in your cart.
  • BOGO FAQ page from doTERRA

Four Ways to Capitalize on the BOGO Sale

Buying one doTERRA essential oil, and getting another for FREE is already a screamin’ deal.  These oils change lives, and to be able to get them for free is such a gift.  But there are even more ways to save money during BOGO Sales.

1. Don’t Pay Retail

If you order without a Wholesale Account, you can still participate in BOGO Sales, but you’re paying too much.  No need for that.

I firmly believe every household needs doTERRA oils, and every budget needs a Wholesale Membership.  With a membership account, you pay 25% less on every order.  You have access to training, mentoring and community that you wouldn’t otherwise.  Your enroller and larger team will help you learn to incorporate oils into your life.

Why You Need a doTERRA Wholesale Account

Sign up at

2. Take Advantage of the Loyalty Program

You can (and should) purchase your BOGO items using your LRP to earn rewards.

What’s an LRP, you ask?

Once you have a doTERRA membership, you can opt in to the Loyalty Rewards Program.  It’s definitely the smartest way to buy your oils.  You get your 25% off, of course, and now you can begin earning product points on every order.  Those product points can then be used later to purchase oils and products – for free!  doTERRA even reimburses your shipping costs with points.

Read more about the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) here.

Remember that LRP orders of 50pv earn product points.  Less than 50 do not.  (If you don’t know what this means, contact me.  doTERRA’s LRP program can seem complicated at first, but is such an amazing rewards program, it’s worth getting to know!  I can help.)

3. Purchase Multiple BOGO Sets

doTERRA typically allows five BOGO sets to be purchased per day, per account.  If the day’s offer is one that is valuable to you, you’ll want to seriously consider purchasing more than one set.   free oils, remember?

4. Split Shipping Costs With Friends

Don’t want five sets for yourself today?  Don’t want to pay all the shipping cost yourself?  Have friends who also want the BOGO of the day?

(you see where I’m going with this…lol!)

Because BOGO orders must be processed and shipped same day, you’ll pay shipping on each order.  If you throw a couple more sets on your order for friends, you can split the shipping costs.  Or you can take turns being the one who orders for the group.

Do that all week, and then get together to trade BOGO sets and make roller bottle blends and other DIY items when the orders arrive!  Instant oily party!

Don’t Miss Out on Another BOGO Sale!

We never know when doTERRA’s next Buy One Get One Free sale will be.   Typically, we see these sale in February, July and November, but there’s no guarantee.

You can sign up HERE for email alert, and HERE for texts.  You’ll be notified right away when they announce the deals for the next sale!

You won’t want to miss out 🙂

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