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How doTERRA Breathe Blend Convinced a Skeptic

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doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend

doTERRA’s Breathe (Respiratory) Blend is flat-out amazing.  It’s a combination of Laurel, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara and Cardmom essential oils, and is one of doTERRA’s most popular blends.

Breathe opens up clogged airways, clear stuffy noses, promotes feelings of easy breathing, and helps keep the hubby from snoring so you can BOTH get a good night’s sleep! 🙂  Read more about the benefits of Breathe Blend products here.

Breathe is the kind of essential oil that will convince you on the spot.  I have seen more than one person with stuffed up sinuses, etc, take one whiff from the bottle at a class, and their eyes get big and they say “WOW!  I can breathe!”  It’s that good, and that fast.

That’s the whole idea, right?

The Skeptic

So get this.  My hubs is a skeptic when it comes to natural health solutions.  Just is.  Ironic, really, since the guy who swept me off my feet in college was all about exercise, eating right, and NOT taking a pill for every little thing.

Over the years, he somehow turned into that guy who raises an eyebrow at natural things.  Go figure.

The Cough

But he’s also a guy who has a lifelong history of developing a raging cough every winter that just.will.not.go.away.  Lasts for months.  Been dealing with this most of his adult life, and usually nothing helps.  He just has to be miserable for a few months, then eventually it lets up.

Two winters ago, the kids brought some respiratory thing home from school, and he got it.  Got it bad.  Developed a terrible cough that wouldn’t quit.  After WEEKS of torture, he was just about ready to go to the doctor (still skeptical about that too, dont’cha know).  It was Friday night, and we were having our usual date night – sitting on separate couches, watching some stupid movie.  Me multitasking with my laptop, and him falling asleep.  We’re so romantic, lol!

Only he wasn’t falling asleep this time.  That cough wouldn’t let up.  To the point that he was turning red, veins popping out.  It wouldn’t stop long enough to let him catch his breath.  Enough to make a wife worry.  At this point, he had tried everything (except oils).

I held out a Breathe Respiratory Drop (like a cough drop, but made with Breathe Blend essential oil).

Said, “Just try it.  What if it helps?”

The Drop

Reluctantly, with one eyebrow raised, he agreed to try it.  Popped it in his mouth and BEFORE THAT THING WAS EVEN HALF DISSOLVED, the cough had subsided significantly.  Almost stopped.

One Drop.

With the coughing all but stopped, he could breathe again, and we were able to ignore the rest of our movie in peace.  Over the next couple of days, he used a few more Breathe Drops, and allowed me to apply the Breathe Stick to his chest once or twice.  (If you know my hubs, you know what a big deal this was!).

THE COUGH DISAPPEARED.  Never to return.

The next winter, no lingering torturous cough.  But he does want me to make sure we always have Breathe on hand. 😀

How to Order Breathe Respiratory Blend

We’ve had so many incredible moments like this with doTERRA Essential Oils, that I can’t NOT share the power of these oils with others.

I firmly believe that every home needs doTERRA oils, and every budget needs a doTERRA Wholesale Account.  Read why here.

Then visit my website to enroll and order your starter kit.  After you do, I’ll reach out and make sure you know how to use them!

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