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27 Ways to Show Love to a Crazy Quilt Mama

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27 Gifts to Give a Crazy Quilt Mama

Do you know a Strong Mom with Hard Kids?  She’s a Crazy Quilt Mama!  Just trying to make something beautiful out of life’s messes.

Do you need gift ideas, or just want to do something nice for her? Whether you’re close to her and her family not, you’ll find appropriate and helpful ideas below, along with a few links to resources (some are affiliate links).

PS: If the Crazy Quilt Mama is YOU, you have my full permission (as a fellow Crazy Quilt Mama) to do these things for yourself.  You deserve it.  And I bet you could use some love today 🙂

1. Amazon Gift Card – she probably has a “save for later” list a mile long.
2. Waiting Room Babysitting – meet her at the doctor’s office and sit in the waiting room with the kids while she sees the doctor.
3. An Encouraging Word – maybe in the form of a refrigerator magnet, a plaque for her wall, a handwritten card, a sticky note on her windshield…just a little note to encourage her on the hard days.
4. Your Prayers and Good Thoughts – she will appreciate knowing that there are folks wishing her well as they go about their days.
5. Maid Service – pay for an hour of housecleaning for her. Let her work directly with the service to arrange the day/time that would help her most.
6. Jar of Encouragement – fill a pretty jar with little pieces of paper – each listing something you admire about this mom or her kids.  Or encouraging quotes. She can pull one out to read whenever she needs to.
7. Mug of Relaxation – fill a mug with relaxing teas, coffees, etc. Be sure to include chocolate.
8. Gift card to a take-out / delivery restaurant – she’s always on the run, and probably pinching pennies. A quick meal for the whole family may be her ace in the hole on errand day!
9. Spa Day Luxuries* – if she’s anything like me, luxuries for herself are low priority! Give her a basket of nontoxic, great smelling goodies to pamper herself with.
10. Gift Certificate for a Manicure – this hard working mom has hard working hands, no doubt.
11. Gift card to a local bookstore – we Strong Moms are always researching!
12. Your Time – offer to accompany her to any place she’ll need an extra adult (a sporting event, the grocery store, a therapy appointment, the DMV)
13. Massage – gift her a session with a good massage therapist. Offer to watch the kids.
14. Non-toxic cleaning products* – is she working to eliminate toxins in her home? A gift basket of a few of the right cleaning items might just make her very happy.
15. Yard Service – she probably doesn’t have time to keep her yard looking nice, but would sure appreciate some help.
16. Shopping Service – this mom is busy! Whether you pick up a few things to help out, arrange for a weekly service, or do all the Christmas shopping for her, you might just save her sanity!
17. Gift Wrapping – Offer to take care of the gift wrapping she doesn’t have time for.
18. Essential Oils* – there are many calming and uplifting essential oils this mom or her kids might benefit from. A small Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint kit would go a long way.
19. Freezer Meals – whether you fill her freezer from the grocery store or your own kitchen, she’s sure to appreciate it (be sure to adjust for any food allergies or sensitivities)
20. Coffee Date – Arrange for childcare, and take your favorite Strong Mom out for coffee.
21. Bath Salts, Sugar Scrubs & Fuzzy Socks – give her a relaxing bath time basket. *
22. Consult with an Expert – Do you know an expert she’s been wanting to talk to? Offer to hang out with her kids while she has a 1 hour consult you’ve arranged.
23. Date Night – offer to babysit (or arrange for a sitter) so Mom and Dad can go out to dinner.
24. Holidays with Hard Kids – are you close enough to know which holiday activities overwhelm her tough kiddos? Offer to babysit while the rest of the family attends. Or work with her to create a low-key alternative just for them.
25. Diffuser and a Bottle of Lemon or Orange Essential Oil* – just the scent of fresh citrus in the air is enough to turn the hardest days around. *
26. Have her Family over to Dinner – Strong Moms and their Hard Kids often have to pass on social events with other families. Your understanding and success-creation can mean the world to us.
27. Just be her friend. Life as a Strong Mom of Hard Kids can be lonely and isolating. She might just need a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on sometimes. Somebody who wants to hang out with her just because.

*doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils has several products that fit these gift categories perfectly. I am a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, and would love to help you put together some ideas.  A few links to learn more:

doTERRA Gifts for Her

Emotional Support with Essential Oils

My doTERRA Website

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