I’m an Essential Oil Newbie – Where Do I Start?

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I’m an Essential Oil Newbie – Where Do I Start?

Brand new to oils? Confused newbie? Overwhelmed by all the info available online about essential oils?

You’re in the right place. It doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming to learn how oils can add to a healthy lifestyle.  But if you jump in with both feet, you might be taking on too much at once.

So let’s make it simple, and start at the beginning.  Yay, Newbie!

Step 0: Breathe

OK, before we start, let’s make sure we don’t induce Analysis Paralysis.  You don’t need to read EVERY article and blog post about essential oils before getting started.  That’s too much.

So just take a deep breath, and let all that over-information slide right on out of your ears.  You can get the best of it back later.

You don’t have to be an essential oil expert to start.  Oils are hard to screw up, even for a newbie. You just have to find a reputable source of info, and learn one thing at a time.

Step 1: Choose a Company

You DO have to do a little work before you start buying oils – you want to make sure you get the good ones.  Your time & money are valuable – make sure you spend them on essential oils that are worth it.

So do a little bit of research before you drop money on oils.  I prefer doTERRA.  (I know, you couldn’t tell, right? 🙂 )  But when I started using oils, I bought the cheap ones from the local health food store.  I had read about all these great oily benefits, but I didn’t want to waste money, just in case (haha).

Well, long story short, those oils didn’t work, and doTERRA oils did.  Quality DOES matter, and doTERRA oils ARE the best.  Besides, oils last a long time and you’re only using a little bit at a time. You can read a little about my own newbie experience here: Serenity & Balance: Powerhouse Duo for Stress

Here are a couple of places to read up on doTERRA’s oil quality:

Step 2: Find a Mentor

Because oils can be used for so many things, and there’s so much to learn, you’ll want to find a mentor who will not only help you get your oils at the best price, but who will also teach you – in a way that works for you.

If someone has already been introducing you to doTERRA oils, then the right thing to do is to enroll with them (if they’re active in the business).

But do make sure you jive well with that person, and you will feel supported in your learning.  Do you prefer group classes?  One-on-one coffee meetups?  Phone consultations?  Blog posts and video learning?  Quiet support from the fringes?

If you found me by searching online, then chances are we’d be a good match.  I love oils and love to learn and teach – but am an introvert and a very busy mom.  I love to compile resources and information for you in my blog posts, publish an occasional video, and help you find answers to your questions.  I do send out newsletters each month, but I never want to flood you with too much, or make you feel pressured.

If you use one of my direct links to place your first order, your account will automatically be connected to me in the doTERRA system (and we can work out how much contact/teaching you’d like).  Other than teaching and support, though, it makes no difference to you as a customer who you sign up under*.

*Caveat: if you might decide later that you want to build a business with doTERRA, then who you’re enrolled under DOES matter – they’ll be your business mentor too, and you want to work with people you click with.  Just something to keep in mind 🙂

Step 3: Create Your Account & Order Your Oils

Ready to get started then?  It’s simple.  Decide what you want to order, and click the direct link.  Follow the simple purchasing process, and you’re all set. You’ll be getting 25% off retail prices for the whole next year, and your starter kit will come in the mail very soon. Later, I’ll tell you about how to get oils for free, and all the rest.

I started with the Family Essentials & Beadlets Enrollment Kit.  Other favorites are the Home Essentials Enrollment Kit and the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit.

If you want other options, or more details about the kits, read here:

Step 4: Get Connected

Now that you’ve created your account and placed your first order, you’ll want to get connected to your mentor’s  online resources.  Great way to learn in small bits, and get your questions answered.  I prefer to provide follow up teaching via emails or one-on-one coffee dates (for those local to me).

My Crazy Quilt Mama online presence is linked below, and if you enroll with me, I will send you a welcome letter with links to additional resources offered by our larger team.

Even if you aren’t ready to buy yet, definitely get yourself on my email list.  A monthly newsletter might be just the right amount of information, recipes and ideas for now.  Then, when you ARE ready, grab a link to your favorite enrollment kit, or send me a message and I’ll help you get started.

Step 5: Use Your Oils

OK, so you’ve connected with your mentor and your oils have arrived.  Now it’s time to open the box and start getting to know them.  Take one out – say, Peppermint – and open the bottle.  Yes, open it 🙂  That’s why you bought it, right?

Open it and smell.  WOW, right?  I KNOW.  Your airways probably just cleared and your head doesn’t hurt any more 😉  Now do this with each bottle (take a break every couple oils if you need to – they’re pure, and very potent.).  What do you think?

Read the literature that came with your box.  Think for a minute about each oil and how you might use it.  Jot down a few questions.

Visit CrazyQuiltMama.com to get ideas for using each one (but one at a time! No getting overwhelmed!).  You can start here: doTERRA Top Ten Essential Oils.

Some ideas to simplify this process: (newbie, only choose one for now!)

  • Put the bottles where you’ll use them – Lemon next to the kitchen sink for the next round of cleaning.  Deep Blue in your gym bag for achy muscles.  Lavender on your nightstand to help you sleep.  Peppermint beadlets in your purse to combat post-lunch-dragon-breath (LOL)
  • Focus on one essential oil per week, write a simple list of ideas for using that oil, and try one each day.
  • Focus on one health concern and gather the oils recommended for that concern (put the rest of the oils away for now).  Keep track of how you use the oils and see how you feel after a while. Ask your mentor for ideas.
  • Focus on one method of use – Topical (on the skin), Internal (via the mouth, like Lemon in your water), or Aromatic (smelling, or diffusing).
    • Lemon + Lavender + Peppermint = seasonal respiratory issues
    • Lemon + Orange = sadness, emotional support
    • Lavender + Frankincense = sleep
    • Melaleuca + Lemon = purify the air, odors
    • On Guard + Melaleuca + Oregano = winter sickness support
    • Breathe = respiratory support
    • For more diffuser ideas, visit here: Free Essential Oil Printables

Step 6: Keep Learning and Share with Others

Once you’re past the brand-newbie beginning phase, and you’re starting to see amazing benefits from using essential oils, you’ll develop an insatiable appetite for MORE WAYS to use them!  You’ll want to learn All.The.Things.

This is where your mentor and larger oily team come in.  They’ll have (or know about) Facebook groups, resource books, newsletters, YouTube channels and much more to support you in your journey.  And they should be able to listen to your questions, concerns and ideas, and help you find just the right resources.  Remember, no newbie overwhelmed!

You’ll also find yourself sharing your oily experiences with friends and family, maybe even on social media.  So here’s where I mention that you can build a business sharing doTERRA with others (yes, even a newbie!) – whether just a little (to pay for your own oils each month?) or a lot (to replace and expand your current household income).  The trick is to work with your mentor to explore how the whole thing works, what to expect, and whether it’s right for your family.

You can earn an income with doTERRA in whatever way works for you – via public classes, small group make & takes, mom chats while the kids play, social media…remember earlier when I said I’m an introvert and super busy?  Yeah, so no big classes or make & takes for me, atleast not right now.  But I can write a blog post while the kids are in school, or send emails after they go to bed. 🙂   Psst, that’s what I’m doing right now 🙂 

Some more ideas: 6 Ways to Build Your doTERRA Business

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