Quiet Fidgets Part 1: Fine Motor

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Need Quiet Fidget Ideas for Your Online-Schooling Kids?

If your kids are anything like mine, you have a lot of wiggling, flipping, flopping, getting up and down, playing with stuff nearby, and difficulty paying attention to their online classes. They need to MOVE, and sitting in front of a screen most of the day is the exact opposite of what they need. Enter: Quiet Fidgets.

There’s plenty of points we could debate about that, but as I write this, we are still in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, and my kids’ school districts are still delivering classes via Zoom and other online platforms.  I have a houseful of very distractible, wiggly, “bored” teens and preteens, so I thought I’d share some of the kinds of things we are using to meet their need to wiggle, and improve their ability to pay attention during class right now.

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Fine Motor Fidgets

Much of the time, when we think of fidgeting, we think of something small we can hold in our hands and play with.  It helps to keep our hands busy so our minds can concentrate on the audio/visual information that’s coming in.  It’s a little bit of constant movement to help keep the rest of our bodies still when needed, or help to reduce our anxiety.

Below are some examples of QUIET items you can purchase that can be used as a Fine Motor Fidget – whether or not they were originally created for that purpose.

Need to Spin or Flip?

Need to Push, Click or Pick?

Need to Pet Something Soft?

Need to Pull, Stretch or Squish?

Need to Squeeze, Pop or Pinch?

Need to Throw, Roll or Flip?

Need to Bend, Tie or Buckle?

Not Sure Which Kind of Fine Motor Fidget You Want?

  • Sensory Fidget Toys Bundle – lots of different bundles available on Amazon; great way to try a few different things to see what your preteen prefers.

Quiet Fidget Blog Post Series

This is the first in a series of blog posts about various forms of fidgets and solutions to the additional sensory needs kids sometimes have. This series is by no mean comprehensive, and I am not an expert in all things Sensory Integration or Occupational Therapy.  However, I have a houseful of teens and preteens who have struggled with many different sensory integration, anxiety, depression and other needs along the way.  They’ve taught me a lot, and I wanted to share with you.

I will link the rest of the posts here as they are published.

  • Quiet Fidgets Part 1: Fine Motor (<– you’re here!)
  • Quiet Fidgets Part 2: Vestibular / Proprioceptive / Large Motor
  • Quiet Fidgets Part 3: Resistance
  • Quiet Fidgets Part 4: Oral-Motor
  • Quiet Fidgets Part 5: Comfort/Snuggle/Cocoon/Weighted
  • Quiet Fidgets Part 6: Frugal DIY Fidgets
  • Quiet Fidgets Part 7: Retro Fidgets
  • Quiet Fidgets Part 8: Sensory Integration Resources

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