About Crazy Quilt Mama

Hi!  I’m Kristi, the Crazy Quilt Mama.

I am a wife, Mama and Mimi.  My husband and I have seven kids together, some of whom came to us through foster care and adoption.  I knew when I was very young that I was called to adopt my future children.  This life’s journey has not been easy, and will likely get harder before it eases up (we’re entering the teen years!).  I have spent a significant amount of time in the last couple of years mourning my children’s lost potential and lifelong difficulties; the stress on my marriage; my broken dreams for what I had wanted in life.

Then I realized that life – my life at least – is like a Crazy Quilt.  Once upon a time, I had a plan, a pattern in mind.  A picture of how I wanted my quilt to turn out when it was finished.  But somehow I keep ending up with not enough of the right pieces, some pieces have to be given up for other things, and some end up broken and shaped in a way that doesn’t fit well with my plans.  Nothing is going to turn out like I wanted.  I have spent a lot of time mourning that.

Have you ever seen a Crazy Quilt?  Nothing matches.  There is no pattern, no logic, no regularity to the shape, color or placement of the pieces.  It’s made of scraps – broken pieces and leftover bits.  No one knows how it will look, until it’s finished.  You can’t even make much of a plan.  You have to figure it out as you go.  And when all the scraps, broken pieces and leftover bits are painstakingly collected, rearranged and stitched together to make something whole – that something is amazing and functional and completely unique.  It’s nothing like any other quilt.

And it’s beautiful.

I am working on accepting the fact that I am a Crazy Quilt Mama.  My life will most definitely not turn out like I planned.  It goes against my personality and my own deep-seated control issues to accept that.  But I am determined to collect, rearrange and stitch together the bits and pieces that I do have, even if I can’t plan it.  To create a life that is amazing and functional and completely unique.  Nothing like any other life.


So welcome to my website and blog!  I hope you will find lots of great content that lifts you up and helps you along on your own journey in life.  And if you’re a fellow Crazy Quilt Mama, I’d sure love to have you join me on Facebook.  Crazy Quilt Mamas is a group just for us – focusing on encouragement and friendship and positivity!