What’s an Affiliate?

Being an affiliate with a company means I tell my friends (you!) about their products (that I love and use), and if any purchases are made through my affiliate link, the company shares a little bit of their profit with me.  If you choose to go through  my link to make  your purchase, it helps me support my family, but does not add any cost to you.

Below I’ve gathered all of my affiliate links.  You’re welcome to click and browse 🙂  I do not recommend products I don’t love, or companies I don’t have a positive experience with.  By putting an affiliate link here, or elsewhere on social media, you can trust that these are companies/products I would recommend in a conversation, too.

If you do purchase through one of my affiliate links, THANK YOU!

Crazy Quilt Mama Affiliate Links


  • When I was beginning my foray into using social media to grow my direct sales business, I stumbled upon this site.  What a godsend!  Brenda Ster really knows her stuff.  I have taken several trainings from Sassy Suite, and everything I learn propels my business forward.  My absolute favorite was the Blogging Bootcamp.  Because of what I’ve learned in the Suite (joining the Facebook group is indispensible!), I am growing my following on several social media platforms, making my own personal brand recognizable and known, and repeatedly finding my blog posts on Google Page 1!
    • Psst:  Blogging Bootcamp is only offered a few times a year, and the next one is coming up soon.  Stay tuned to hear when registration opens.  As an affiliate, I get to announce it early!


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