Crazy Quilt Mama in the Kitchen

Hello there!  Welcome to my kitchen 🙂  I’m Kristi, aka Crazy Quilt Mama.  Just over here making the best of the life I have.  If you want to know more about what my online name means, read Why Crazy Quilt Mama?

Meanwhile, I’ve been working in the kitchen again.  HA, when am I NOT working in the kitchen?  😀  The kitchen is one of my happy places – I love all things OLD, HOME and especially KITCHEN. <3

And with a large family, including five pre/teens at home, plus frequent cook-for-an-army special occasions, it’s a good thing! We eat a LOT of food – and this Mama is on a budget – so I have lots of ideas to share 🙂

Below is an index of all the kitchen-y posts I’ve written – be sure to subscribe to this blog so you’re notified when I post the next one!


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Lunches & Snacks

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Desserts & Sweet Things

Freezer / Cook-Ahead

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Cooking With Essential Oils

Kids in the Kitchen

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Keto / Low Carb

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Gluten Free

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Shopping & Pantry

Frugalize in the Kitchen!

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