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Hey there!  This is where I tell you all about my friends and fellow business owners who love doTERRA oils and use them in their small businesses. These are businesses, products and people I support and recommend, based on personal knowledge and experiences.

Please visit their websites and consider making a purchase. I’m sure you know that any time you purchase from a small business or an individual entrepreneur, you are directly supporting somebody’s well-being.

The Rip Stick

Two members of my local doTERRA team have collaborated to create The Rip Stick.  Its original audience was gymnastic competitors – because, you know, RIPS.

But the Rip Stick is good for so much more!

My family uses it for dry winter skin, itchy patches on the back of the knees, and any minor skin damage we encounter.  We have yet to be disappointed!  In fact, The Rip Stick is the only thing my 11 year old son will use for his skin issues and extremely dry lips.  From cracked and chapped to all healed up in no time! 🙂

GREAT NEWS!  You can now buy The Rip Stick in XL size!  Available Feb 1, the XL is three times the size of the regular stick, but at only twice the price!  Check it out at The Rip Stick on Etsy.

Read more about why owner Christine started The Rip Stick business:

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