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Getting Started with doTERRA Essential Oils

I’m so glad you’re getting started with doTERRA Essential Oils to support your natural approach to health care 🙂  There are a LOT of resources out there with information about using essential oils.  Below are some of my favorites for using doTERRA.

Feel free to ask questions, I’m here to help! (Email me)

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doTERRA Websites

(doTERRA offers so much education and information online! Get connected!) (doTERRA’s public education website) (My business website)

Source To You (doTERRA’s source education / test results website)

doTERRA on Facebook

doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Science

doTERRA Business

Essential Oil Vet – Janet Roark, DVM on Facebook (This is not an official doTERRA page, but Dr. Roark is a very knowledgeable and helpful doTERRA-loving veterinarian.  She knows animals and she knows oils!  I always recommend her to our pet-loving folks.)

Crazy Quilt Essential Oils on Facebook – This is my group, where I post helpful education and ideas for using your oils regularly.  Come see if there’s info here you could use!

Blog Posts to Learn More About Your Account

Why You Need a doTERRA Wholesale Account

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program explained

doTERRA’s LRP  – How to Get Started

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doTERRA E-Book Downloads

(Fantastic FREE resources from doTERRA that you can print and save to reference any time!)

Essential Oils for Beginners E-Book

Aromatic Use of Essential Oils E-Book

Internal Use of Essential Oils E-Book

Crazy Quilt Mama Online

I’m Crazy Quilt Mama everywhere online – Read why.  I’d love to connect with you – choose your favorite platform!

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Resources for Getting Started with doTERRA