Hi there!

I’m Kristi.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m glad to have you visit!

My name, Crazy Quilt Mama, refers to the way we mamas often try to plan the perfect life, but then actual life happens! And we have no choice but to gather all the bits and pieces we have, and stitch them together into something very different than what we had planned – but still something very beautiful and lovely.  Read more about that in this post: Why Crazy Quilt Mama?

The name Crazy Quilt Mama is also a nod to the scrappy, hard-working, resourceful women of generations gone by who set the example for us in this matter.  The ingenuity and resourcefulness of these women inspires me, and I hope there’s enough of that in me to pass on to my daughters.  Come back son to read more about my treasured hand-stitched crazy quilt passed down through several generations of my family.

You’ll find a number of topics here on CrazyQuiltMama.com.  From favorite recipes and stories, to essential oils and causes I’m passionate about.  My intention is that, over time, what seems like mismatched scraps of ideas will come together to create a beautiful, cohesive picture of tenacity, strength and kindness – much like that crazy quilt.