What Is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate?

A doTERRA Wellness Advocate is someone who knows and loves doTERRA essential oils, and wants to help other people incorporate them into their lives.  Wellness Advocates do not work for doTERRA – they work for themselves!  Each WA has their own doTERRA business, and is free to run it as they like, within the parameters of the doTERRA Policies & Procedures.  Read here about different approaches to sharing essential oils as a Wellness Advocate.

As a Wellness Advocate, your basic goals are to share oils with people, teach them how oils can help them reach their health goals, help them purchase oils, and follow up with them to make sure they’re using and loving their oils.  Pretty simple.  You do this over and over, and soon you have a thriving business.

What Do I Need to Know?

Wellness Advocates need to know about doTERRA essential oils – how they’re grown/harvested/distilled, how they work, how to use them, precautions that should be taken, etc.  You don’t have to be an expert right away, but you do need to be continuously studying.  You want to be able to answer questions, and it builds trust with your customers.  There are resources linked below to help you learn.

Wellness Advocates need to know about the doTERRA company – its beginnings, its processes, its CPTG testing, its philanthropic work, its direction for the future.  The more you know about the company you represent, the more your customers see you as a professional and an expert.

Wellness Advocates need to know about people – what their concerns are, how to make them feel valued, how to make sure they’re learning what you’re teaching.  You need to be able to reach out and relate to all different kinds of people.  For some of us, that comes naturally.  For others, it takes a lot of courage and personal growth to be able to walk up and start talking to somebody.  If that’s you, be sure to check out the resources below.

What’s My Investment?

Initial Investment:

Absolute minimum – $35 Wholesale Membership.  You won’t have any oils, but you’ll have an account, a WA number, and a replicated website where you can direct people, input orders, and enroll folks.  You’ll want to set up your LRP to have 100+ points, and have it sitting in your cart so you’re eligible to receive commissions and bonuses on those initial enrollments.  Later, before your LRP ships, you can edit it according to what you can afford.  Since you don’t have any oils, perhaps your mentor would be willing to give you a few samples to get you started sharing.  Be sure to discuss this approach with your upline mentor, though, so you don’t miss out on commissions!

Typical start-up – Most people enroll with one of the kits that contain the Top Ten Oils (maybe the Family Essentials Kit or the Home Essentials Kit).  They include the $35 membership fee, so you’re looking at $150 or $275 before taxes and shipping.  This way, you have the account, your WA number, a replicated website, AND all ten of the most common oils (plus a diffuser if you order the Home Essentials Kit).  This makes a huge difference in your effectiveness in sharing oils with people, because you actually have them.  PLUS you’re using them yourself, which goes a long way in building trust with your audience.

Mid-range investment – There are several enrollment kits to start with, including a few that contain more than just the Top Ten Oils.  You can check them out here.  Your choice of which kit to start with is dependent on your finances, your personal health goals, and your business goals.  The more you have (and use), the more you can share (and talk about).  I’d categorize the mid-range kits as between $300 and $550 before taxes and shipping.

All-in investment – If you’re ready to completely overhaul your health and home with doTERRA essential oils, you’ll want to take a look at the Every Oil Kit or the Diamond Kit.  The price point is significantly higher than the smaller kits, but you also get a whole lot more.  Folks who enroll with these larger kits are completely ready for any issue that may arise, and for sharing any oil or product someone may ask about.

(Side note:  Builders typically enroll people with the same kit they themselves enrolled with.  They were happy with their original purchase, and they’re familiar with it.  But do consider that the initial Fast Start Bonus you receive when someone enrolls, will be larger with a larger purchase….and you’re helping folks meet more of their own needs when they have a wider selection of oils to start with.  doTERRA is a company that’s all about helping people, so obviously your first concern is what your customer needs.  But if you’re building a business, you’ll want to consider that angle as well.)

Ongoing Investment

Replicated Website – $0.  doTERRA does not charge you a monthly fee for your replicated website.

Wholesale Membership – You must maintain your membership with doTERRA in order to remain a Wellness Advocate.  When you enrolled, you paid $35 for the first year (included in your kit, or as a separate item in your first purchase).  Annually after that, the renewal fee is $25 (and doTERRA sends you a free full size bottle of Peppermint oil, $27 wholesale).

Loyalty Rewards Orders – In order to be eligible for commissions and bonuses, you must maintain a 100 point (or more) order in your LRP cart.  This is a monthly order that processes on the date you choose.  The system checks your eligibility two times – whenever anyone enrolls under you (paid weekly), and mid-month to pay commissions on last month’s orders.  If your cart does not have 100 points in it, you are ineligible and you will not receive your bonus/commission.

A couple of points about this:

  • A 100 point order may be more than $100, depending on what items you’re purchasing.  Plus tax and shipping.  I’d estimate your minimum monthly outgo would hover around $150 total.
  • Remember that LRP orders accrue points you can SPEND next month, to get free items.  You also receive points to reimburse your shipping costs.
  • For monthly unilevel commissions, you do need to have processed a 100+ point order in the previous month.
  • For weekly Fast Start bonuses, you have to have an order of 100+points, saved in your cart at the time of bonus calculation.
  • If you’re concerned about this ongoing investment, keep in mind that you are purchasing oils and products for yourself and your family, which often replace other purchases you would have made.  You can also use them as incentives or giveaways.  You can also sell them, according to the doTERRA Policies & Procedures. Remember, too, that your Fast Start Bonus is 20% of any order your enrollee makes during their first 60 days.  You’ll easily make back the ongoing LRP investment with 4-6 enrollments per month.  If you’re still concerned, please contact your upline mentor.

What Are the Requirements for Builders?

Sales / Enrollments – doTERRA does not require you to make a certain number or volume of sales per month in order to stay active.  If you, as a WA, do not enroll anyone under you for a long time, doTERRA may change your account to Wholesale Customer.

Investment – See above section for requirements for eligibility to receive bonuses and commissions.  If you do not place an order one month, you are still a WA, you’ll just miss out on a paycheck.  You can always make sure your cart is at 100 for next month’s commissions.

Compliance – Anyone enrolled as a WA must use compliant language when discussing doTERRA Essential Oils and Products, particularly online.  (Wholesale Customers are not held to this standard.)  Read here for more information about compliance.

Policies & Procedures – Other questions can be answered here, or by your team and mentors.

What’s My Potential Income?

doTERRA cannot promise any specific amount of income for Wellness Advocates.  As with any business, your level of commitment and hard work (and that of your team) will dictate your success.  Some folks move slowly through the ranks, some build very quickly.

In the beginning, the compensation does not seem to amount to much.  Building a doTERRA business is a long game.  You are building a foundation of customers, team members and builders that will eventually grow exponentially.  Over time, your team size will grow, and with it, your income.

doTERRA has published this disclosure statement (not a promise!) for average annual incomes of its builders.  Some builders make more, some make less.  Even with that in mind, however, the potential for financial success with a doTERRA business is incredible.  And looking at where doTERRA as a company is headed, I’d expect it to be even better in the future.

Resources for Building Your Business

This list will forever be incomplete!  I will come back and update with more great resources as I learn about them (and I’d love to hear your suggestions!)

Resources About Essential Oils



Smartphone Apps:

Resources About Running a doTERRA Business



Resources for Doing Business Online

Training and Business Services:


Resources for Keeping Track of Everything


  • Trello
  • Cozi (shared calendar)

Resources for Personal Growth & Mindset