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Hi There!  Wanting to learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils, but finding it hard to navigate all the information out there?  I hear you!

I don’t know about you, but I like to have my important information neatly organized in one place.  Handy.  Easy to find.  There when I look for it.

OK, that’s what I’d LIKE.  It’s not usually my reality, tho. 😉

But I’ve created this page on Crazy Quilt Mama so I can gather links to all the posts I write, about the only Essential Oils I trust…and keep them all in one place for you!  THAT I can do!  As I write more posts, I’ll link them here.  So bookmark this page, follow my blog, and you’ll always be in the know!

Every year at Convention (September), doTERRA releases new and reformulated oils and products – stay tuned to hear all about this year’s latest!  

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